Friday, August 28, 2009

"How did you two meet?"

The first question most people ask when they find out you are dating someone new is usually along the lines of, " How did you two meet?" A seemingly easy question for most people to answer and it usually provokes further conversation about new said interest thus allowing the newly dating person time to gush and spill the beans about their new "so and so"
"Hey how did you and 'so and so' meet?"
" Oh, we met through a friend/at the bar/ at work/in high school".
" AWWWWWWW! That's great... tell me more!"

But what if the way two people met was more unconventional, maybe even slightly taboo and that question did just the opposite...
"Hey how did you and 'so and so' meet?"
"Ummmmmmmmmmm.... " (long awkward pause and sweating)

When me and GB met it was still slightly taboo to meet a significant other online. We weren't signed up for a dating website or anything like that (which now a days is a common thing and accepted way of meeting) and it was completely random how it went.

I signed up for a then relatively unknown social network called thefacebook dot com over 5 years ago. Circa 2004.

Flash forward to Jan 2005 and I receive the weirdest message from a guy with the kookiest profile picture in the history of all friend requests:

"Hey I saw your favorite book is DaVinci Code. I was wondering is that any good?"


...and being that I cant resist a stranger's conversation, I wrote back with, "Yeah it's a good book! (or else it wouldn't be listed under my And to further provoke the randomness I asked him what his favorite book was. And we were hooked!

Something was there that I couldn't explain. I had butterflies from new message alerts... it was absurd! I didn't even "know" this person. But I couldn't stop being curious. I couldn't help laughing at his jokes and I found myself more and more thinking "what ifs".

What if we met in person?
What if he didn't dig my curvaceous bodacious bod?
What if he had never messaged me?

I shot him down TWICE when he asked to meet. I was totally witty via messaging and emails but what if my voice was totally annoying? And to boot there was only a head shot on my profile -he had no idea what I really looked like and that made me so insecure. I know, I know!

I finally gave in to my own curiosity and with a little nudging from my roommate I agreed to meet him. He picked Friday and told me to pick the place and time. I knew the coffee shop I picked closed at 8pm on weekdays and so I told him 6pm knowing that if it was weird, I had an out.

Of course I was late meeting him (foreshadowing of my inability to be on time...) and we were the only two people in the place so it was easy to figure out who he was. OMG he was hawtttt in person! And to my advantage a nervous mess over meeting me! We talked and laughed like old friends until the workers kicked us out of the coffee shop. Not willing to end the night so prematurely we walked a couple blocks to BW3s for beer and food(but mostly beer).

The rest, they say, is history!

And if you're curious, our first kiss was on the second date ;)

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