Friday, September 4, 2009

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Picking a wedding date

As you may have guessed, selecting our wedding date would be influenced by the military.

Currently my future father -in-law is deployed overseas with the Army and you already know my FI had been deployed last year. That being said, since both men are integral parts of the wedding party, we had to pick a date that allowed both to be present. FFIL is not due back til Oct. so Summer 2009 was out. We also had to deal with upcoming holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas) and a lot of our guests coming from out of town. Not wanting to run into snow storms and other unforseens, we were hoping for a late fall wedding.

Now I guess I should tell you one of contributing factor that was important in selecting a wedding season! FI and I are huge Buckeye fans and did not want to get married on a Buckeye game  (our friends would prob kill us too!)

We ended up selecting November 14th as the date we would get married. While it was on an OSU game, it fit in the time frame of before the holidays.

Fast forward to selecting the hall and they gave us some bad news. They were booked on November 14th! Ughhhhh. I looked at FI and gave him a worrisome glance. With a quick prayer I asked, "What Saturdays do you have available between October and December?" "We have October 31st and December 26th" she replied.

A Halloween wedding?


 A Christmas wedding?


What's a bride to do....

Coming up...the date we picked!

Did you run into any problems that were unique to your situation in picking a wedding date? What were they? How did you end up picking your date?

Getting Engaged! 9.8.2008.

We had been together for about four years, graduated college, and FI had just gotten back from overseas with the military in August 2008. We had moved into a townhouse and I started a my first career job in September. It was a whirlwhind of excitement to say the least! On my second day of work, I was driving home and recieved a call from my main squeeze telling me to, "Park in the front because the back lot was full.". That's weird, I thought but wasn't too suspicious. He then told me that he wanted us to go to my least favorite store in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD (which will remain nameless...) and that put me in a slighly foul mood -since I clearly do not like going there and all I wanted in the world was a nice hot bath. I parked in the front and in a little huff got out , only to find my FI on our porch with a bouquet of red roses and a smirk that spelled "Gotcha!" My mood melted and my face warmed as he told me he was proud of me for getting a job and that he was really glad to be home with me.(Awwwwwww :-) We kissed and I went to head inside to put the flowers in a vase. FI turns as I walk past him and says, "Hey will you do something for me?" I said "Sure, what?" and he said "Will you marry me?" And before he has time to get on his knee I am yelling "WHAT?!"
And jumped up and down laughing and crying!! I was thrilled, shocked, duped, astonished and exhausted! I even asked him, "Are you sure?"
We had never gone ring shopping or even really talked about it. He knew my ring size and that was about it so it definitely was a surprise.

How did your FI propose? Were you surprised?