Thursday, August 27, 2009

10 weeks to go!

Holy Molars I can not BELIEVE how fast planning a wedding goes! It feels like just yesterday I was a newly engaged, naive to how much work it actually takes to make it "ours".

I still have a list of things to complete which includes an embarassing lot of stuff:

*Find out about transportation- like how are we going to get the the church, the photos, the reception...and we have a huge wedding party! No way am I organizing a "follow us we'll see you there " but never make it kinda thing. I would love a limo bus...mine as well price those out when I figure out what company I am going to use.

*confirm hotel reservations and room blocking for our OOT (out of town) guests. My cousin has helped locate a few good places, I just need to follow up with her on arrangements and such. She's such a sweetie :-)

*design invitation layout- I am working with an artist on sketching up some surprises for the invite and am revising the wording -Since we are getting married on a certain "spooky" holiday I have been playing with fonts and toying with the idea of being "punny". Any advice?

* flowers/bouquets/boutonierres- What the heck am I doing with this on the list? I decided long ago that I would make the bouquets/pomanders for the bridesmaids. I dreamed of dark red roses and pearl handles instead of the traditional ribbon. I was lucky and found some on sale at Garden Ridge and planned to make the rest on my own. After staring at them in my spare bedroom for months now, I decided I can't look at them forever in my album and they are out! I may use them as pew decorations in the church, but we will see. As far as this goes, I am def exploring the Costco circuit to see what flower arrangements they have. I definitely want fresh flowers for my bouquet and I want my ladies rockin some fab flowers too!

Stock the Bar, get groomsmen fitted...the list goes on....

What should my priorities be? What should be at the top of the list with 10 weeks remaining? Help!

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