Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Tidbits!

Here are some of my favorite moments leading up to our wedding, and the actual wedding itself. I had some of the most amazing and supportive people around me (specifically my cousins fiance-love her!) friends and family. People who flew as far as Alaska, New York, and Seattle just to name a few. It was really a dream come true and it went off with glitches! Of course, I just smiled-someone was always constantly in my face watching me and taking my picture...know the feeling? I was so happy, felt so loved, and couldn't wait to party!

I loved my hair. My hubby's cousin did it for not only myself but the whole bridal party! What an amazing wedding gift andddd to top it off she came to the location where I was getting ready to take a load of stress off the "morning rush" of events that usually preceed the ceremony.
*Sigh* My dresssss! Loved this! I stumbled upon it at Filene's Basement "Running fo the Brides" in Columbus in the beginning of 2009. It was a Mon Cheri dress (the Janet if you want close ups, google image!) that retailed for more then my budget would allow normally. But if youa re familiar with the RoBs then you know it became totally affordable at under $300 with tax.

My shoes, which were pretty, but killeddd, so you wont see them on my feet for very long. They are from David's Bridal and the only piece of my wedding outfit that I paid full price for. Kinda sad that they sucked so bad. You'll also notice the earrings I wore which are hanging ont he shoes. Those were my something old and something borrowed. When my grandma (whom I loved dearly) passed away in 2005 my aunts had her pearl necklace broken down and had earrings made for all the females in the family including their birthstone as the bottom crystal. My birthstone happens to be diamonds (whaaa? no diamonds?? boo) so swarovski crystals anchored the set. These were very important to me on my day and I waited to wear them for the first time until my wedding day. I wanted my grandma to be there so bad...and even though she was watching, I felt her presence the whole day.

Ready to meet my muscle man at the altar! But would I make it on time or late as predicted?

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